Custom Signs
Original compositions cut to the customer's order in A-36 steel plate

72" x 30" x 3/16" CNC cut from 3/16" A-36 plate
Rust-Oleum Hammered Back finish

36" Sign with 28" 3D star, wall mount, antique powdercoat finish
Rings rolled from 3/4" 12 gage square tubing, star CNC cut from 14 gage steel and hand formed
Letters CNC cut from 12 gage steel, TIG joinery
Custom Signs from  $300.00 Plus Tax & Shipping

Welcome Signs
Stock signs, about 23" in diameter, larger sizes available.
Artwork and lettering cut from 10 gage A-36 steel plate.
(Custom lettering available at slight extra charge.)
Furnished with mounting holes and hand forged s-hooks.  Ships flat.
 Suitable for hanging or mounting anywhere you want folks to feel welcome -
on your gate or fence, in your window, on your patio, in your kitchen, or over your bar.
(If your friends or relatives overstay their welcome, we have a sign for that too.)
Finished in textured black powder coat.

Plus Tax & Shipping

Here is a small sampling of our artwork and we have quite a few more  available.
Most feature wildlife, cowboys, cattle, horses, horse shows, or rodeos, but we can do about anything.
To order by email,  please contact us.

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